File tab

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File tab contains tools which are used for data input and output.


Data entry can be used to fill the working area of Divider with pupil names, wishes (e.g. "To be with", "To be in", etc.) and  parameter values (e.g. gender, IQ, etc). The result is a table in the working area of Divider, similar to the one shown on the picture below. Data entry is done using Input part of the File tab. There are three ways to do that:

1.From an empty template, using "Create new list" button.
2.Importing data from a spreadsheet document, using button "Import Excel table".
3.Opening an existing Divider document.

Additionally, if you made a backup copy of your working document before, it will be possible to load it using button "Load backup copy".



Similarly, there are three ways to output data from Divider, and these are accessible through Output part of the File tab. It is possible to:

1.Print out the data.
2.Save it as a Divider document, using Save or Save as buttons.
3.Export the data to a spreadsheet document.

If you just want to make a temporary backup copy of the data in the working area, you can simply push the button "Create backup copy". Only one backup copy at a time can be stored in this way. Creating another backup copy will delete the previous one.