Import Excel table

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Before data can be imported from an Excel document it has to be saved in the correct format. Columns must be in the following order:

1. Ordinal numbers

2. Names

3-7. Parameter values (exact order of parameters and their description is not important)

8. To be with (described using ordinal numbers of other pupils separated by a blank space)

9. Not to be with

10. To be in

11. Not to be in.

Columns 8-11. can be empty but they should still have description on the top. If you have the gender column, use letter "f" for female or "m" for male.




The document should be saved in .xlsx or .xls format.


Snimanje .xls dokumenta


After that it will be possible to import this document in Divider using button "Import Excel table". First select the document you wish to import and then you will be asked to select which worksheet contains the data. Select it and press OK.



Divider won't be able to import the data if document is used by another process (e.g. the document is opened in Excel during the import process). To solve this problem, just close any program that might be using the document before you try to import data from it.