Interface overview

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The main window of Divider appears when the program is started. It has ribbon menu with three tabs:

2.Score and rank
3.Divide into groups.

You can navigate this menu using your mouse, or using an ALT button on the keyboard. Tools located on this menu are described in the next three sections of this help file chapter.




Working area is located beneath the ribbon menu. In the upper right corner of the main window there are two buttons: the first one is for settings which is described in the last section of this help file chapter. The other button opens this help file. You can navigate between working area, settings and help buttons using TAB on the keyboard.


On the bottom of the main window, there is a status bar. It is updated while Divider is working and there you can see what is the current status of this program (e.g. should you wait a bit for Divider to finish an operation, what kind of algorithm is selected etc).