Setting criteria significance

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Below each criterion except the first, there is a button that can be used to set criterion significance:




If you select the first option, that criterion will have the same importance as the previous (pupil score will be equally affected with values from both criteria). Setting the last option will completely separate those two criteria. If you are unsure what to choose, leave "Show score column in the table" checked and press "Score and rank" to see how changing criteria significance affects scoring and ranking. When you are satisfied with criteria significance push "Score and rank" to start scoring and ranking process. It usually takes a few seconds and progress can be followed or canceled using the following window:




During this process, gender is transformed to a number (to calculate the score), so if gender is set as the first and most important criterion, after scoring all female pupils will be on the top of the table:




That should simply be ignored as it won't affect the equality of groups. Also notice that after scoring, table in the working area is sorted based on score values.


Note: If score is already calculated, changing criteria significance won't change the score automatically. You will have to click "Score and rank" again to calculate the new score.


After setting criteria significance and calculating score it is possible to change score for each pupil individually.