The following table is a brief list of Divider basic features:

(For more details, please click on the link below the table to read Divider help file)

Data input  

∇ Create new data

∇ Open existing document

∇ Open backup copy

∇ Import data from Excel



⇒ Number of groups

⇒ Size of groups



⇒ Group in which that member should be. (optional)

⇒ Group or groups in which the member shouldn't be. (optional)

⇒ Should somebody else be in the same group? (optional)

⇒ Does the member need to be in a different group than some other member or members? (optional)

⇒ Up to five values based on member properties (e.g. gender, speed etc). It is possible to assign different significance to each of these five values.


  » Change score and group for each group member and get warning if that causes a problem.
Data output  

Δ Save

Δ Print

Δ Export to Excel

For more details, please click here to read Divider help file.